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Sample SP survey tool

An example of a survey form to collect data for an OFSP project.
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Monitoring Tools, Training

These tools are important when conducting training events. They can be customized and are useful in recording who has received training, the gender of the trainee, and who they have subsequently trained. Tool 12.3.6a is for monitoring who has received sweetpotato training and what they plan to do as a …
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Protecting Sweetpotato Planting Material from Viruses using Insect Proof Net Tunnels

One of the major yield-limiting factors in sweetpotato production is the lack of clean planting material owing to infection by sweet potato virus disease (SPVD). Viruses are spread by insect vectors such as whiteflies and aphids and they build up over time in the plants, reducing yields with each season. …
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Protecting Sweetpotato Planting Materials from Viruses using Insect Proof Net Tunnels

since 2009, CIP and its partners have been researching the development and use of net tunnels to increase accessibility to high quality seed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This guide helps in constructing and using net tunnels for quality seed production.
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