Plant Breeding

In restricted sense a hybrid is a cross between two genetically different (homozygous) inbred lines. Such a cross is also called a “F1-hybrid” or a single cross.

Products of a series of other crosses also may be called hybrids. In some plant species, it is not possible to create completely homozygous lines: due to inbreeding depression, they lose their fitness after a few selfings. Hybrids are then made by crossing lines that only have been selfed for a few generations.

Examples: leek, cichory.

Key Document Information

Authors: Prof. Dr. ir. Dirk Reheul

Subject: Breeding

Publication Date: August2012


Contributors: Shiphar Mulumba

Format: pdf

Language: English

Keywords: Breeding, Dirk Reheul, Hybrid breeding, plant breeding


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