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Collection and characterization of sweet potato germplasm cultivated in Togo and Senegal

 Activity 1: Ethnobotanic survey and germplasm collection. First the countries will be divided according to ethnic group and its implication on the sweet potato culture. Participatory research appraisal tools and techniques (focus group, direct observation, field visit, individual questions, used of questionnaires etc). Information collected will be related to agriculture …

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NextGen Phytosanitation: Rapid Elimination of Viruses from RTB Plants for Crop Improvement and Seed Systems

The proposed 3-year research project involves a two-pronged approach to significantly decrease the time needed for detection and phytosanitary cleaning of clonal plant material. First, antiviral therapy and improved tissue culture (TC) methodology will be optimized during the initial in-vitro bulk-up phase of improved lines and germplasm. Second, improved detection …

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Feed the Future Rwanda Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) for Income and Nutrition Activity

Feed the Future Rwanda Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) for Income and Nutrition Activity is a three year project (2015 – 2018)financed by USAID and implemented by the International Potato Center (CIP). The project aims to reach 200,000 households and 300,000 children under 5 years in ten districts of Rwanda, contributing …

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Scaling up Sweetpotato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) project – Rwanda

The International Potato Center (CIP) managed project in Rwanda will scale up the development of an Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) seed system, link beneficiaries to market through effective partnerships and integrate agriculture-nutrition health linkages to deliver OFSP to various segments of Rwandan households. By 2018 the project will reach an …

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The Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA)

The Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) is a 5-year initiative designed to improve the food security and livelihoods of poor families in Sub-Saharan Africa by exploiting the untapped potential of Sweetpotato. It will develop the essential capacities, products, and methods to reposition sweetpotato in food economies …

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Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB)

Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB)   The project has two specific objectives: (1) Strengthen the enabling environment for investments in biofortified crops (2) Strengthen institutional and community capabilities to produce and consume biofortified crops The Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB) Project has at its core advocacy efforts aimed at catalyzing …

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