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SGA progress review: presentation 10: INERA

INERA is one of the beneficiaries of financial support through Sub-Grant Agreements (SGAs) to develop models for sustainable production of sweetpotato pre-basic seed by December 2018. This is a presentation of the institutions progress towards this goal.
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Presentation 2: Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato storage, processing and local recipes for improved nutrition in Burkina Faso

Marcellin Ouedraogo1, Regina Khassanova1, Anne Berton-Rafael2, Stella Nordhagen2, Tom van Mourik2 1 Helen Keller International, Burkina Faso, Rue Ganga, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 2 Helen Keller International, Regional Office for Africa, Dakar, Senegal, e-mail:   ABSTRACT   Eastern Burkina Faso has high levels of malnutrition: wasting and stunting prevalence are …
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RAC Brief 2013: Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) Project

An overall challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa is that, governments are inadequately aware about the extent of the vitamin A problem and the potential of vitamin A rich orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) to contribute to its solutions. Additionally, organizations that do want to work on sweetpotato often lack adequate technical knowledge. This …
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Presentation: Kenedougou sweetpotato value chain and market analysis

The value chain and market analysis has the objective to analyse sweet potato market opportunities in Burkina Faso and describe its value chain in order to promote orange fleshed varieties under the framework of the project: jumpstarting orange fleshed sweetpotato in west Africa through diversified markets. The study was both …
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The poster outlines how ggenenotype by Environment (GxE) interaction analysis has helped to select varieties combining good yield, high beta-carotene content and acceptable dry matter content. However, in Burkina Faso, most of the OFSP varieties introduced failed to adapt. In a country where VAD among children under five and their …
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