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Summary of progress on orange-fleshed sweetpotato research and development in Ethiopia

Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) remains an important public health problem in developing countries like Ethiopia. Orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties have high contents of β-carotenoid and potentially can reduce the effects of vitamin A deficiency. To this effect, vitamin A for Africa (VITAA) was initiated. A planning work shop on “Combating …
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Effect of GxE Interaction on Root Yield and Betacarotene Content of Selected Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam.) Varieties and Breeding Clones

A multilocational field trial involving nine sweetpotato clones of diverse origins was conducted across four different locations to investigate GxE interaction effects on commercial root yield and beta-carotene pigment content in roots. None of the high-yielding cultivars had satisfactory stability, according to biplots for total root yield based on the …
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