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Identification of relevant non-target organisms exposed to sweetpotato weevil-resistant Bt sweetpotato in Uganda

Assessment of the impact of transgenic crops on non-target organisms (NTO) is a prerequisite to their release into the target environment for commercial use. Transgenic sweetpotato varieties expressing Cry proteins (Bt sweetpotato) are under development to provide effective protection against sweetpotato weevils (Coleoptera) which cause severe economic losses in sub-Saharan …
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Use of the environmental impact quotient to estimate impacts of pesticide usage in three Peruvian potato production areas

In Peru, potato farmers rely on fungicides to control late blight, the most important disease, and insecticides to control a variety of pests. The study aims to estimate the environmental and human health risk associated with pesticide use through the use of the environmental impact quotient (EIQ) to represent the …
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