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Present Status and Future Research in Sweetpotato in Indonesia

In Indonesia, sweetpotato is considered an important food crop. However, its total harvested area and productivity indicate that development of the crop is relatively stagnant or declining. Research priority given to sweetpotato is lower than rice and other food crops. In Indonesia, government research institutions and universities carry out research …
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Farmer Maintainance of Sweetpotato Diversity in Asia: Dominant Conservation and Implications for In Situ Conservation

To document and evaluate sweetpotato diversity in Asia and to understand how farmers maintain cultivars, CIP supported germplasm collection and socioeconomic studies in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam from the early 1990s. The following document is a presentation of case studies in four major sweetpotato production – shifting cultivation in …
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Farmer field school for integrated crop management of sweetpotato: Field guides and technical manual

There is an increasingly urgent need to help farmers access techniques for both the efficient and sustainable management of crops and livestock. Natural resources depletion and environmental pollution associated with agriculture are accelerating and can longer be brushed aside as the unavoidable by-products of economic development. On the contrary, long …
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Beyond Higher Yields: The Impact of Sweetpotato Intergrated Crop Management and Farmer Field Schools in Indonesia

A pilot program of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) integrated crop management (ICM)-farmer field schools (FFSs) was implemented in six communities in Indonesia, using protocols developed jointly by a team of farmers, researchers, and development workers. Monitoring and evaluation studies showed that participation in the FFS enhanced farmers’ crop management …
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