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Report: Sweetpotato Seed Systems and Crop Management Community of Practice Sixth Consultation – Marketing Strategies for Quality Sweetpotato Seed

This is the report of the proceedings of the Sweetpotato Seed Systems and Crop Management Community of Practice (SS-CoP) Sixth Consultation was held from 6th to 8th December 2016 at Pride Inn, Nairobi, Kenya. The planning and review meeting was attended by the Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in …
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SASHA Brief 2016: The Marketing, Processing and Utilization Community of Practice pursues strategies to increase adoption of orange-fleshed sweetpotato

Orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP), rich in beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, is particularly being promoted due to its potential to address vitamin A deficiency. While many OFSP varieties have been released, in many cases there was not a complementary effort to develop marketable products.  Most sweetpotato in SSA is consumed …
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Report: Proceedings of the Marketing, Processing and Utilization Community of Practice (MPU CoP) Meeting held in Kunduchi Beach Hotel, Dar-es-Salaam. March 14-16 2016.

The Marketing, Processing and Utilization Community of Practice (CoP) met on 14 and 16 March 2016 in Kunduchi Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam. The CoP brings together professionals working on all levels of the sweetpotato value chain, as well as private sector players who are innovating processing and utilization of …
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Presentation 17: Working with cooperatives and groups in root marketing and product development: Lessons earned

This presentation outlines the lesson learned while working with cooperatives and groups for marketing roots and product development. The take home message focuses on branding as key for success, partnership with industries key for OFSP adoption and availability in market, and research is essential to ensure success of products developed.
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Presentation 16: Sweetpotato value chain and the potential role for commercial fresh root storage in selected areas of Mozambique

SASHA has worked with NRI and SUSTAIN to carry out a commodity chain study in Mozambique. This study focuses on two provinces covered by SUSTAIN: Manica and Maputo. Its objectives are (a) to assess how sweetpotato can be placed in terms of consumers’ choice, (b) to describe and understand the …
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Presentation 14: Value chain analysis for Orange-fleshed sweetpotato in Malawi

Sweetpotato remains a very important calorific and economic value chain commodity for the majority of Malawian farmers. While there have been efforts to improve productivity through the introduction of improved varieties, a big gap exists in knowledge of the value chain characteristics and linkages. Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) remains an obscure …
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