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Tag Archives: Nutrition value of OFSP

The potential impact of orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes on vitamin A intake in Sub-Saharan Africa

A recent ex ante impact assessment indicates that orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes can make a major contribution to alleviating vitamin A malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa. Replacing the white-fleshed varieties now grown by farmers with new high ß-carotene cultivars that meet local preferences would benefit an estimated 50 million children under age 6 …
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HarvestPlus Nutrition Training Charts

This is a good mixed meal training chart. Briefly, it demonstrates the roles of different foods to different end consumers. It concludes with hygiene and sanitation while handling foods.
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This manual has been developed for the extension workers that will be involved in training nutrition promoters in various aspects of nutrition, child feeding and nutrition care for the sick child. It is a guide that takes the trainer through the different aspects with suggestions of training methods and activities …
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Challenge Theme Paper 3: Nutritional Impact with Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP)

This paper is a part of a series of theme papers compiled into an International Potato Center social science working paper entitled Unleashing the Potential of Sweetpotato in Sub-Saharan Africa: Current Challenges and Way Forward. They were prepared in preparation for a Sweetpotato Challenge Workshop held in July 2008 in …
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SPHI Brief 2015: Nutritious Orange-Fleshed-Sweetpotato for Niassa, Mozambique

The key aim of the ‘Nutritious Orange-Fleshed-Sweetpotato for Niassa, Mozambique’ project, which began in November 2012, is to improve vitamin A and energy intake for at least 20,000 rural households with women and young children using orange-fleshed sweetpotato focused, food-based approaches that ensure at least 20% of households growing OFSP …
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