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Development and transfer of processing technologies for fruity food products from sweet potato

In an attempt to increase the economic value of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), the starchy roots have been processed into fruity-food products. The formulated fruity sweet potato products have similar appearances, tastes, and nutrient contents, but had higher vitamin A levels when compared with other processed fruit and vegetable products. …
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Farmer Maintainance of Sweetpotato Diversity in Asia: Dominant Conservation and Implications for In Situ Conservation

To document and evaluate sweetpotato diversity in Asia and to understand how farmers maintain cultivars, CIP supported germplasm collection and socioeconomic studies in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam from the early 1990s. The following document is a presentation of case studies in four major sweetpotato production – shifting cultivation in …
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A handbook on the Philiphine Sweetpotato Anthropod Pests and their Natural Enemies

This is a guide prepared in the Philippines. It documents the sweetpotato arthropod pest and their natural enemies. Various strategies started to increase production have been hampered by pest damages resulting in high production losses. Therefore, this handbook is helpful in identifying sweetpotato arthropod pests and their natural enemies. The …
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