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Poster: Progress in breeding in Rwanda: Incorporating Feedback from Farmers

Sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.] is an important food crop in many parts of Africa, especially in Sub Saharan countries. In Rwanda, it is cultivated throughout the country and is especially important in densely populated areas of the plateau central (mid altitude), and Bugesera(low altitude) Ndirigwe, 2006; Njeruetal, 2008). Although …
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Armyworm: New sweetpotato pest invades Rwanda

Armyworms that were collected from the vine plot in Karama research station. Photo: Aime Ndayisenga/CIP

Like any other crop, sweetpotato is susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases due to various factors including the agroecological and climate conditions. Rwandan farmers, particularly maize and sweetpotato growers have been experiencing an army worm attack since the beginning of the current agricultural season. The army worm was first …

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Poster 9: The Impact of nutrition behavior change interventions on OFSP knowledge and consumption in Rwanda

Authors: Rachael Cox, Kirimi Sindi, Robert Ackatia-Armah, Valentine Uwase, Francine Uwera, Jean Claude Nshimiyimana, and Luka Wanjohi   The theory of change guiding the Feed the Future Rwanda Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato for Income and Nutrition Activity associates the increased consumption of OFSP and improvements in other nutrition indicators with various …
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