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Sweetpotato Breeding at the Southern Africa Sweetpotato Support Platform (SSP)

The objectives for this presentation was to talk about Breeding and Germplasm Management in Southern Africa. Breeding: Generate drought resistance, OFSP that combine different quality characteristics with significant Improvements in yielding ability. Germplasm Management: Maintain good Quality material, Establish community based seed systems for good quality seed dissemination and develop & test …
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Presentation: Key Advances in Breeding Methodologies during Phase 1

This presentation outlines important advances in breeding methodologies to achieve ‘‘the better variety’’ that is variety with overall good traits. A major challenge in sweetpotato breeding is to achieve high heterozygosity for desired traits. Selection of parents for new population by considering Poly-cross Vs controlled crosses breeding are time consuming. …
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Progress report on sweetpotato breeding in Ghana

The CSIR-CRI SWEETPOTATO IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME has aimed to achieve the following objectives: Development of high and stable yielding consumer preferred and accepted sweetpotato varieties. Production and distribution of healthy primary (breeder) planting materials for technology transfer. Promotion of improved varieties for consumer acceptability and utilization.
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Identification of quantitative trait loci for dry-matter, starch, and b-carotene content in sweetpotato

Development of orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes (OFSP) is desired for the improvement of the food supply and nutritional status of millions of people in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam] breeding is challenging due to its genetic complexity, and marker-assisted breeding tools are needed to facilitate …
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This presentation by Shumbusha, Ndirigwe and Kankundiye during the Summer course on “New Techniques on Sweetpotato Breeding” in Belgium, Ghent University, 2012, addressed the progress of sweetpotato breeding in Rwanda. The overall breeding objective for the Rwanda team was to develop sweetpotato varieties with: High yield Quality traits (mainly DMC, …
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Agro-Facts: Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Breeding

This manual is for researchers in the Pacific region who are starting sweet potato breeding programmes but lack training and experience in genetics and plant breeding. It is also for researchers and extension workers who are evaluating local and newly introduced sweet potato germplasm. It may also be useful to …
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