Seed Systems and Crop Management CoP

Learning visit to Rubona Research Station
Functioning seed systems meeting farmer demand are key to improving sweetpotato production and productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). However, sweetpotato seed systems are affected by a number of technical, socio-economic, institutional and financial constraints that translate into low productivity of sweetpotato in SSA; these are a common concern in many countries. Read More
Learning visit to Rubona 2
We are committed to developing and being active members of a dynamic CoP on sweetpotato seed system research and development. We are genuinely interested in learning from each other’s expertise and practice. As members we combine our own interests with an open mandate from our organisation and we work together in an informal structure. Read More
Learning visit to Rubona 2
The purpose of the CoP will be to facilitate networking, the exchange of experiences and learning in order to generate new knowledge about how to tackle crucial constraints in sweetpotato seed systems across SSA. The membership of the CoP is open to committed individuals and organisations that have a mandate to work on sweetpotato seed systems. Read More


Updates from the Sweetpotato Seed Systems Community of Practice (SS CoP) Sixth Consultation


The Sweetpotato Seed Systems Community of Practice (SS CoP) Sixth Consultation was held from 6th to 8th December 2016 at Pride Inn in Nairobi, Kenya.

Discussion 1/2016 – Should we continue to consider sweet potato as a crop for food security and a mainstream staple or should we focus on it as a nutrition crop?


What really sparked this thought process for me was a study of FAOSTAT data for Uganda, which used to have the greatest production of sweetpotato in Africa...
Improving adoption of quality sweetpotato planting material through innovative marketing strategies


Seed systems CoP members discuss possible marketing strategies - Arusha 2016 (Credit C.

Socios para un proyecto FONTAGRO


A todos los invstigadores y extensionistas vinculados a la batata o camote de países dentro de la Red FONTAGRO: Soy Héctor Martí, investigador en camote...
What seed marketing strategies work?


Seed Systems and Crop Management CoP Meeting participants pose for a group photographThis question, which is particularly critical for vegetatively propag...



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