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Best Sweetpotato Scientific Paper Competition

Through a generous endowment established by Dr. Jan W. Low, CIP offers an annual $500 award for the Best Sweetpotato Scientific Paper published during the previous year. The award is presented to the lead author of the publication and intended to be split among the co-authors. Authors may be CIP scientists or any CIP staff …

Breeding nutritious sweetpotatoes in Zambia

Breeding nutritious sweetpotatoes in Zambia – International Potato Center Dr. Martin Chiona is plant breeder and head of the root and tuber research team at the Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI). This organization is collaborating with the International Potato Center (CIP) and partners under a three-year project: Sweetpotato Genetic Advances and Innovative Seed Systems ( …

Improving care-givers’ knowledge of good nutrition through monthly community-based care group trainings

Joshua Okonya, a research associate with CIP – Uganda, the organization that is promoting the sweet potato based agri-food systems, said CIP and partners have trained health workers (in-charges, VHTs and Health Assistants) to train mothers in their communities on better ways to prepare complementary foods. “The problem is a lack of knowledge on how …

What’s in a name? Sweetpotato farmers in Uganda can tell us!

What’s in a name? And when is a name just a name?  In Busoga region of eastern Uganda, the names for two morphologically similar varieties offer insights to researchers on how they can help breeders develop better sweetpotatoes for small farmers and consumers.    What’s in a name? Sweetpotato farmers in Uganda can tell us! – International Potato Center What’s in a …

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