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Use sweet potatoes as emergency food

By Joshua Okonya The OFSP is one product that needs to be considered only in food-aid programmes for mass distribution but also commercial farming. It’s rich in vitamins that help boost immunity and hence help the body to wade off some illnesses. Use sweet potatoes as emergency foodBy Joshua Okonya Not all vulnerable Ugandans living …

NC State Researchers Continue Improving Sweetpotatoes for Africa

Sweetpotatoes are a critical crop for North Carolina, and many places around the world. People in the U.S. may be familiar with the Covington sweetpotato, which Craig Yencho, a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Horticulture, developed with Kenneth Pecota, a Senior Research Scholar in the Department of Horticulture. Craig Yencho and Bernard Yada ’14, Ph.D., …

Market segmentation and sustaining sweetpotato seed businesses

Sweetpotato seed systems, which produce and distribute vine cuttings that farmers plant, are vital for disseminating improved varieties and ensuring that farmers have access to sufficient quality planting material when they need it. The International Potato Center (CIP) and partners have worked to strengthen sweetpotato seed systems in sub-Saharan Africa as part of efforts to get more …

Renovating crop breeding for faster delivery and greater impact

As increasingly erratic weather, pest and disease expansion, and other trends threaten farmers’ ability to produce enough food for the growing population, crop breeders are working on ways to speed up and improve the development of more resilient, high-yielding varieties. The current COVID-19 pandemic only reinforces the urgency of developing and disseminating superior crop varieties …

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