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Hands-on biometrics training for plant breeding in Nairobi, Kenya

Using sound statistical approaches is one of the most effective ways to increase heritability, response to selection and consequently expected genetic gains. The International Potato Center (CIP) is organizing a biometrics training funded by the OneCGIAR Breeding Resources Initiative and the SweetGAINS BMGF investment implemented by CIP and partners, from 5 till 9 December 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya. The hands-on training will deal with many …


To celebrate the best in sweetpotato research, we are extremely excited to announce our annual Sweetpotato Science Paper competition for 2022. Established through a generous endowment from Dr. Jan Low, CIP offers a $500 award presented to the lead author of the publication and intended to be split among the co-authors. The research must have been published …

2022 Excellence and Innovation in Sweetpotato: Communication for Change Award

The International Potato Center is pleased to announce that the “Excellence and Innovation in Sweetpotato: Communication for Change Award” will take place for a sixth year in 2022.  The annual award was established with a generous endowment from Dr Jan W Low, a recipient of the World Food Prize in 2016, to recognize the best …

Gender and variety trait preferences in Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique

“Prioritizing end-user preferences in variety development is a key strategy toward not only enhancing technology adoption, but also bridging the inherent gender technology adoption gap in the developing world,” says Chalmers Mulwa, a social scientist at CIP.  Gender and variety trait preferences in Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique – International Potato Center To ensure better adoption …

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