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OFSP Make your own cupcake a great hit!

As announced in my previous posting, my OFSP Booth at Maputo Gastronomy Fair, this weekend was well visited.

My current marketing hit is “Make your own Cupcake!” in which I bring a plain cupcake and invit passing-by kids to decorate their own cakes with material I bring from home.

This Sunday September 1, 2013, my special guests were the three granddaughters of a Friend and ex-Colleague from my time of USAID/Mozambique: They had a lot of fun preparing their own ‘Décor’ on top of their cupcakes From left to right we see Neila 12, Naima 6 and Shanaya 7 years hold respectively. So cute!

Please, check it out!


Photo 1: Neila 12, Naima 6 and Shanaya 7 years hold respectively

Photo 2: Cupcake Preparation! Shanaya, Naima and Neila preparing their cupcakes




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