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52 ways to love sweet potato

Major initiative: 52 ways to love sweet potatoes

Did you know that North Carolina is the No. 1 sweet potato producing state in the United States? Even more, the state has held the title for almost 45 years! The latest online research survey found that 4 in 10 consumers think sweet potatoes are exclusively a winter food. Famous for their long-standing appearance on holiday dinner tables, most are surprised to find that sweet potatoes are actually a year-round vegetable.


The 52 Ways to Love Sweet Potatoes initiative’s goal is to educate consumers about the versatility of sweet potatoes and expand their usage repertoire to include more quickly prepared, easy and family-friendly ways to serve them. Further, 52 Ways seeks to raise consumer awareness about the many health benefits of sweet potatoes and the nutritional value of including them more frequently in home meals.


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