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One storm can change everything

One of the prepared fields (Credits: C Namara)

Everybody knows that agriculture heavily relies on weather and that a single storm can change the entire growing season. Drought can be devastating. This year’s drought has been a particularly severe one. That, my friends, is why farmers complain so much about the weather! As we get close to the rainy season, farmers all over the country have their fields ready.


Talking to different farmers recently, I realized that all of them were either preparing their fields or had their seed in the ground already. Nevertheless, crops need moisture to germinate and grow. If it’s not there, they will simply sit in the ground and wait for it. However, there was a distinction when it came to orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) farmers. They are not only waiting for the rainy season to facilitate them plant their crops but most of them, especially vine multipliers are targeting to make good money out of this season as they sell planting material (vines).


Nshimiyimana’s OFSP field (Credits: C Namara)

As I spoke to Nshimiyimana Jean Damascene, an OFSP vine multiplier in Rwamagana district, he noted with concern, “My vines are ready in the ground, I am only waiting for the rain so that by end of September I can have enough to sell out to different farmers that want to plant OFSP.”


This is the most expensive time of the year for farmers where they spend on farm essentials like fertilizer, chemicals, seeds and repairs a. As a result, farmers have a lot riding on the annual rain season and you can understand why farmers can be a little stressed out at this time of the year. Rain can truly make or break a farm. One storm can change everything. All farmers can do is seed their crops and hope for the best!

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