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Claude in one of his vine multiplication plots located in Murama Sector/Kayonza District.

Kayonza JC

Kayonza JC

One would think that Claude had everything figured out when he started planting OFSP but that’s not the case. He had such a humble beginning. He started by renting a small piece of land (2 are), but has now bought two large pieces of land totaling to 10.8 Ares. As we write, he has harvested over 6 times now and has made close to US $ 4,800 with half of it from only this last season. Claude used to grow other local sweetpotato varieties but after experiencing the higher yields of Orange Fleshed Sweetpotatoes he gave up on the locally grown varieties and decided not to plant them anymore. He has been a small holder farmer for the last 16 years and was not able to do much compared to the achievements he has seen in the last 2 years, growing OFSP.It is only after investing his energy in OFSP farming that he had a surplus income to start savings for any project. In the past he lived a life of hand to mouth.

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