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Presentations-MLE 2017

Presentation 1: Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Community of Practice update

Presentation 2: Progress towards the SPHI goal of 10 million and purpose and how to use the monitoring manual

Presentation 3: SPHI indicators and data collection

Presentation 4: Module 1: Survey Description and Metadata

Presentation 5: Module 3 Trends in using sweetpotato and Module 4 Production and sales volumes

Presentation 6: Feedback from the breeders: A contribution to the MLE tool

Presentation 7: Overview of Modules 5, 6, and 7 in the Monitoring Manual

Presentation 8: Data Analysis Using STATA Application to MLE Manual

Presentation 9: Experiences of Vine Dissemination in Mozambique and Rwanda: Focus on Module 8

Presentation 10: MLE Manual Module 8: Dissemination – Rwanda

Presentation 12: Monitoring Adoption on a Small Budget

Presentation 13: Vista Mozambique – Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Presentation 14: Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (HarvestPlus)

Presentation 15: Progress towards harmonizing definitions for sweetpotato seed classes in various African countries

Presentation 16: DVM registration-update and future plans