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Online discussion forum on sustainable crop production intensification (SCPI) of horticulture based systems (mainly fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers.)

How can we produce more with less?

With this discussion forum, FAO aims to bring together experts of all levels from scientists who study the potential of sustainable crop production, to the practitioners who apply sustainable horticultural practices – to exchange their experiences, new findings and challenges faced. FAO recently launched three “Save and Grow” guidebooks accessible at that explain principles of an ecosystem-based approach to sustainable crop production intensification.

Future generations will rely more and more on resilient food supply systems because of known challenges such as a growing world population, urbanization, land degradation, and climate change. We need to find ways to produce more from the same area of land while conserving natural resources, reducing negative impacts on the environment and enhancing natural capital and the flow of ecosystem services.

Main Discussion Question:

Do you have any concrete examples of successful or promising innovative practices and technologies in use for sustainably intensifying horticulture crop-based systems(mainly fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers)

For easier readability of your cases /stories, may we suggest that you succinctly describe the following when sharing:
*Have these innovative practices and technologies proved to work well and produced good results, can they be recommended as models and why?
*Are they successful experiences that has been tested and validated in the broad sense and deserves to be shared so that a greater number of people can adopt it?
*Alternatively, have these innovative practices or technologies demonstrated a high degree of success in a single setting and guarantee the possibility of replication in the same setting?

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We look forward to receiving your inputs.

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