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BNFB Webspace

Launching a Newly Designed Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB) webpage

The array of Learning and Training Materials on the BNFB Webpage

The Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB) project is proud to launch a newly designed webpage    The webpage is part of BNFB’s knowledge management efforts, and will act as a repository for all of BNFB’s outputs and products, a central place for all things BNFB.  In addition, it’s a great platform to feature the multiple biofortified crops ((vitamin A (yellow) cassava, vitamin A (orange) maize, vitamin A (orange) sweetpotato and high iron beans)) that BNFB is scaling up in Nigeria and Tanzania and this way increasing the projects visibility and creating more awareness to various stakeholders.   

Dr. Hilda Munyua, BNFB’s project manager said, “It is great that BNFB is now not only visible but also accessible. Everybody can now see what we are doing, and access all our documents in one space and use the platform to contact us.”

The webspace  is easy to navigate and includes tabs such as about the project, BNFB products and Outputs; facts on biofortification; learning and training materials  as well as  news and media.

Explore the webpage and learn more:

Special thanks to Moises Rosario (Webmaster – CIP website) who worked with BNFB’s Capacity Development and Communication Specialist – Joyce Maru to design the webpage.

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