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Fighting malnutrition in Rwanda with orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes

Fighting malnutrition in Rwanda with orange sweet potatoes

Luisa Garcia was a 2018 African Great Lakes Reporting Fellow with the International Women’s Media Foundation . As Dr. Kirimi Sindi drove past the lush, green, rolling hills of Rwanda, he called the region “the country of a thousand hills.”

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  1. Dear all,

    My comment is on the value of the OFSP News Letter. I am based in northern part of India but African stories published inspire me. My government and food industry have still not supported my efforts to popularise OFSP. But I am walking alone taking inspiration from African success stories. Some day I will succeed.

    Thanks you all.

  2. Dear Ram,

    We are cheering you on. I am sure one day we’re also going to share your success story on OFSP farming.

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