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To celebrate the best in sweetpotato research, we are extremely excited to announce our annual Sweetpotato Science Paper competition for 2022. Established through a generous endowment from Dr. Jan Low, CIP offers a $500 award presented to the lead author of the publication and intended to be split among the co-authors. The research must have been published in 2021 and the authors may be CIP scientists or any CIP staff linked to a CIP or non-CIP project/program aimed at improving sweetpotato in low or middle income countries. 

To be considered, please submit a PDF file of your paper by email to Ms. Lilia Salinas ( and a cover letter addressed to Dr. Paul Demo, Chair of the Selection Committee ( providing the official citation where the article was published. Please also include the name, age, sex, job title, institution, mailing address, email address and contact phone number of each co-author.  If the award is not to be split equally among the co-authors, the percentage going to each author (based on level of contribution) should be specified in the cover letter.  Only published papers will be considered. Note that papers with Dr. Jan W. Low as lead author will not be considered, but those having her as a non-lead author may be considered. 

The deadline to receive applications is 11 November 2022. The winner will be announced in December. We kindly request that all submitting authors register with Research Gate (free of charge) before applying. 

The papers will be evaluated by Drs. Paul Demo, Marcel Gatto, Nozomi Kawarazuka, and Vania Azevedo. If you have questions, please contact Lilia Salinas at
  1. Quality of writing and analysis
  2. Degree of innovation and potential impact of the research
  3. Impact factor of the journal
  4. Age of lead author (to encourage young scientists to publish)
  5. Number of readings, downloads and citations (assessed via Research Gate)
  6. Collaboration with other institutions
  7. Number of co-authors included from national research institutions (e.g., NARS) or advanced research institutions (ARIs). 

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