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Release of a climate-adaptive and nutritious purple-fleshed sweet potato ( KC-SWEET PURPLE) variety in Kenya

The International Potato Center (CIP) and Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) have collaborated to release the KC Sweet Purple variety of sweet potato in Kenya, aiming to address climate challenges faced by farmers. Originally from Ghana, where it was known as ‘SARI-DIEDI,’ the purple-fleshed, climate-resistant, and nutritious sweet potato variety has proven its potential in contributing to food security and nutrition. After rigorous testing and evaluation, the variety has been officially released in Kenya as ‘KC-SWEET PURPLE.’ It has a maturity period of 120-150 days and a yield of 15.74t/ha, making it suitable for dry land areas in Eastern Kenya, among other regions. The variety’s high levels of beta-carotene, iron, zinc, and anthocyanin also make it attractive to the food processing industry as a healthy food additive and natural food colorant. The collaboration between CIP and KALRO emphasizes the importance of joint efforts in addressing climate change challenges for higher agricultural yields. Clean planting material can be sourced from specific institutions and companies for interested farmers.


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