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SpeedBreeders and Genomics CoP Meeting – Mukono 2015

About the Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal

The Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal is a collaborative project where sweetpotato professionals and scientists come together to share, discuss, and generate new knowledge. Our aim is to provide easy access to technical and scientific information on sweetpotato. By doing so, we will improve the nutrition and food security of millions of people.  


The Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal was launched in December 2010, as part of the Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) project. It is user-driven. As a registered member, you have rights to publish content, such as publications, news, impact stories events and job announcements, audio-visual materials, manuals and toolkits. You can also set up collaborative project spaces or join existing sweetpotato communities of practice. You can find experts to support your sweetpotato project, and establish contact and collaboration with other members.


Discussion forums

Discussion forums enable registered members to join into online discussions. You have the opportunity to participate in four main discussion groups, which are an extension of the Communities of Practice supported by the Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI). 


Who are we working with?

The content on the Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal is contributed by registered members. If you want, you can add copyright or license restrictions to guide how the content you contribute should be used. However,  as a general rule we encourage that you consider your  contributions global public goods to which access is open. 


Design, maintenance, support and capacity building to improve the outcome of the Portal is supported by the International Potato Centre (CIP), through the SASHA project and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  


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