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Biofortification Pioneers Win 2016 World Food Prize For Fight Against Malnutrition

Washington, D.C. (June 28, 2016) Drs. Maria Andrade, Robert Mwanga, Jan Low and Howarth Bouis were announced today as the 2016 World Food Prize Laureates during a ceremony at the U.S. State Department.   USAID Administrator Gayle Smith gave keynote remarks and applauded the selection. “These four extraordinary World Food Prize …

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Global Nutrition Report: Malnutrition Becoming the “New Normal” Across the Globe

Malnutrition is on the rise in every country in the world and is a leading global driver of disease   The 2016 Global Nutrition Report shows that 44 percent of countries with data available (57 out of 129 countries) now experience very serious levels of both undernutrition and adult overweight …

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Taking sweet potatoes beyond the thanksgiving feast

Researchers at N.C. State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI), Kannapolis, NC, recently published results of their work evaluating the phytochemical content of sweet potatoes. The research looked at concentrations of phytochemicals at harvest, after periods of storage and as a functional food ingredient.

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