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Bernice Wairimu

Sweetpotato Catalog Wins 2019 Communications Prize

An online sweetpotato catalog for sub-Saharan Africa has been awarded this year’s prize in the  Excellence and Innovation in Sweetpotato: Communication for Change competition. The digital catalog presents a collection of the best performing sweetpotato varieties or “best bets” in Africa and contains standardized information about 80 varieties grown in 15 sub-Saharan African …

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CONTEST for Best Sweetpotato Scientific Paper- Deadline November 15th, 2020

Through a generous endowment established by Dr. Jan W. Low, every year the Best Sweetpotato Scientific Paper published during the year before will receive an award consisting of US$500, which will be presented to the lead author.  The award is intended to be split among the co-authors. You do not …

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Making high quality sweetpotato silage

Sweetpotato silage is a method for preserving vines and roots in a succulent condition in a silo. Well-made sweetpotato silage is a wholesome and nutritious feed for all classes of cattle and pigs. Sweetpotato silage is made by fermenting chopped vines and roots of non-commercial value in the absence of …

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SweetGAINS project: How climate-resilient sweet potato can help secure Africa’s food security

Malnutrition and food insecurity are on worrying levels in Africa and experts believe improved sweet potato varieties could help reverse this. Dr. Hugo Campos, Project leader for SweetGAINS project joins CNBC Africa for more. Sweetgains: How climate-resilient sweet potato can help secure Africa’s food security – CNBC AfricaMalnutrition and food …

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Advancing food and nutrition security and quality of life in Africa through SweetGAINS project

“SweetGAINS project will build upon earlier achievements to accelerate and improve the development and dissemination of climate-resilient, market-accepted sweetpotato, including orange- and the more common white- and yellow-fleshed varieties. It will bring a customer-needs-driven, industry perspective to sweetpotato breeding and promote aspects such as operational excellence,” said Hugo Campos, CIP …

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