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Lilies Gachanja

Tanzania can Reduce Vitamin A Deficiency by Promoting Production and Consumption of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato

Tanzania can reduce vitamin A deficiencies by promoting including low birth weight, stunting, being underweight, wasting, vitamin A deficiency (VAD), iodine deficiency disorders, and anemia. Addressing malnutrition problems results in significant economic and social benefits as it reduces morbidity and mortality leading to resource savings in healthcare, improved education outcomes, …

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The 2017 SPHI Exhibition Booths

SPHI 2017 Exhibition Booths We had such great fun at the SPHI 2017 exhibition session at the Milimani Mall in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Sunday the 24th of September. We all got to learn more about orange-fleshed sweetpotato and got to interact with the private sector folks based in …

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The SPHI 2017 Photo Contest Winners

This year, SPHI’s Photo Contest had a total submission of 79 eligible photographs. A select judging panel were tasked with coming up with 12 winners for the four categories, read more on the categories here. The people’s choice award was selected during the meeting. This is a presentation on all …

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Food and Nutritional Evaluation Laboratory bakers’ training


By Martin Monari and Lilies Gachanja  In 2014, International Potato Center (CIP) established the The Food and Nutritional Evaluation Laboratory (FANEL) to develop shelf-storable orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée. The laboratory was set up to increase regional capacity to carry out food science and nutrition analysis. To increase regional capacity to carry out …

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