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The Value of a Nutritionally Enhanced Staple Crop: Results from a Choice Experiment Conducted with Orange-fleshed Sweet Potatoes in Mozambique

A number of strategies have been proposed to reduce nutritional deficiencies in developing countries. In this paper, we investigated the extent to which consumers in Mozambique would be willing to consume new varieties of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSPs), which are rich in vitamin A, relative to the traditionally consumed white …

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Effect of Technology Awareness and Access on the Conservation of Clean Planting Materials of Vegetatively Produced Crops: The Case of Sweetpotato

Efforts to combat vitamin A deficiency in children and pregnant mothers have focused on promotion of nutritionally enhanced food security crops. Such efforts have recently targeted the production and consumption of these crops. The orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) is one of the most known nutritionally enhanced crops. However, access to quality …

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Learning the Smart Way: Lessons Learned by the Reaching Agents of Change Project

The Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project was a pilot that advocated for increased investment in orange-fleshed sweetpotato to combat vitamin A deficiency among young children and women of reproductive age. It was implemented by the International Potato Center and Helen Keller International primarily in Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania and to …

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Orange-fleshed sweet potato project in Morogoro, Tanzania

In the Morogoro region of Tanzania, too often farmers cannot afford to buy the high quality seeds they need to grow enough crops to sell and support their families. What farmers do manage to grow they often have to sell immediately to passing traders for a poor price, trapping them …

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Impact of Nutritional Perceptions of Traditional African Vegetables on Farm Household Production Decisions: A Case Study of Smallholders in Tanzania

Recent years have seen increasing political interest and growing public health awareness and advocacy for diversifying diets into highly nutritious traditional vegetables, fruits and other nutrition-sensitive crops as a more viable approach to mitigate the growing scourge of malnutrition due to unhealthy and imbalanced diets. These foods contribute essential micronutrients, …

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When is a potato not a potato?

Like most of us in Ireland, Kieran McConville thought he knew a thing or two about potatoes. But during a recent trip to Malawi he discovered that he’d been tricked by a delicious, nutritious potato impostor. Read the full story by clicking on the title.

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Traders’ Perceptions and Acceptability on Use of Linings for Improving Tomato Packaging in Wooden Crates

In Tanzania, tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L) postharvest losses are high due to perishability, lack of awareness and knowledge of postharvest handling techniques, and use of poor packaging materials. Reduction of the current high postharvest losses of tomato can contribute to ensuring food security and improving livelihoods of smallholder producers. Wooden crates …

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