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Released / launched sweetpotato varieties in the Americas (update March 2019)

This in an update appendix 1 in Grüneberg et al (2015) and provides details about released / launched sweetpotato varieties over the past three decades by 17 classification variables, namely 1) country, 2) year of release / launch, 3) variety type, 4) recombination method 5) Selection method 6) storage root flesh color, 7) taste type, 8) adaptation range, 9) CIP-code, 10) maturity time, 11) resistance to SPVD, 12) resistance to weevil, 13) resistance to Fusarium, 14) resistance to Alternaria, 15) resistance to nematodes, 16) abiotic stress tolerance and 17) comments about special uses, resistances, names or development.

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