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Video: RTB Kitchen Episode 2: How to cook Sanguche de chicharron in Swahili

500g pork (nyama ya nguruwe)
2 tbsp lemon juice (kijiko kidogo pili juisi ya limau)
1 Sweet potato (viazi vitamu)
6 French bread (mikate)

1 Red onion (kitunguu)
1 tomato (nyanya)
2 tbsp lime juice (juice ya limau)
2 tbsp vinegar (siki)
1 bunch coriander leaves (dhania)
1 chilli (pilipili)
1 tbsp olive oil (mafuta)
Salt and pepper (chumvi na pilipili)

½ cup mayonnaise (mayonnaise)
1 tsp lemon juice (juisi ya limau)
2tbsp Aji Amarille Chilli paste (kama ukiwa nayo)

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