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Research, Community and Organizational Development Associates (RECODA) Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Training of Trainers in Babati, Tanzania

This is a training report on the Research, Community and Organizational Development Associate (RECODA) training of trainers (ToT) course held in Babati, Tanzania. BNFB, in collaboration with RECODA and Sugarcane Research Institute (SRI – Kibaha), conducted a three day training of trainers (ToT) on post-harvesting management, marketing and utilization of orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP). The ToT was conducted between13-15 March in Babati Tanzania targeted RECODA staff and her key partners to build their capacity in priority areas in OFSP to enable them to cascade down and upscale these skills.

A total of 23 participants attended the training (15 males and 8 females) and the course was facilitated by 2 staff from SRI-Kibaha – John Msemo and mariam Kilima-, three RECODA staff – Dominick Ringo, Theophil Tarmo and Bryson Sabuni – and Joyce Maru – BNFB Capacity Building and Communication Specialist.