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SPHI Brief 2013: Integrating Orange – for higher sweetpotato production in the Eastern province of Zambia

Sweetpotato is a critical food security crop in the Eastern province of Zambia. It supplements maize and cassava and serves as a stand-by when other staples fail due to drought or disease. This potential is compromised by lack of sufficient and timely access to disease free or ‘‘clean’’ planting material. On other hand, access to timely, quality sweetpotato planting vines can improve food security and nutrition, especially during times of drought, crop disease, and hunger. This brief, reports on efforts to integrate the orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) to increase availability and timely access to clean planting materials of existing and new improved varieties. Through training decentralized vine multipliers (DVM) this project has established at 37 sites fields across five districts with 37 recently trained decentralized vine multipliers (DVMs), who are currently receiving quality orange-flesh sweetpotato vines for multiplication and distribution next growing season. Working with the Katopolo Farm Institute and local extension services, the project aims to increase women’s participation through vine multiplication, processing and preservation, as well as commercial production to include greater than 60% female participants.


Mueller, E. and Chiona, M. 2013. Integrating Orange-For higher sweetpotato production in the Eastern Province of Zambia. International Potato Center (CIP).