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SASHA Brief 2014: Breeding in Africa for Africa

In recent past, conventional breeding programs were relied on for development of new sweetpotato varieties with desired characteristics. These methods however, are hampered with limitations such as taking long time and failure to produce varieties suited to varied geographical zones. This brief reports on efforts to revolutionize these conventional programs by redesigning SP breeding protocols through sweetpotato support platforms (SSPs). Suggested methods start by ‘‘accelerated breeding’’ with multilocational testing, creation of distinct SP populations suited for specific sub-region and finally development of molecular marker and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) applicable for quicker identification and selection of plant with desired traits. These methods/experiments demonstrated that controlled cross breeding is superior to polycross breeding. Sixty varieties have been developed and published, further population development will continue to produce more superior varieties by 2019.


Mwanga, R., Andrade, M., Carey, T. and Grüneberg, W. 2014. Breeding in Africa for Africa. International Potato Center (CIP).