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SASHA Brief 2014: Exploiting sweetpotato as an animal feed in East Africa

East Africa has the highest per capita consumption of livestock products among all the regions in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Over the years, livestock population growth led to increased competition for grains between food and feed. Further, this is compounded by lack of quality feed and unaffordable quality commercial concentrates. Alternatively, sweetpotato offers great potential as an animal feed in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Research to identify appropriate dual-purpose varieties for Kenya and Rwanda, sweetpotato-based silage recipes and an improved silage tube was conducted. These research have developed improved silage tube systems, variety of cultivars identified and evaluated in both Kenya and Rwanda, mini silo trials to explore appropriate ratios for Napier grass and SP vines concluded, and lastly successful capacity building for University students..


Lukuyu, B., Agili, S. and Gachuiri, C. 2014. Exploiting sweetpotato as an animal feed in East Africa. International Potato center (CIP).