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SPHI Brief 2014: Scaling Up Sweetpotato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN)

Scaling up Sweetpotato through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) is a partnership between the International Potato Center (CIP), National Research Institutes (NRI) and nutrition extension services, NGOs and commercial sectors. SUSTAIN was borne of the need for agricultural development and better nutrition worldwide via investing in Vitamin A rich Orange fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP). In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) SUSTAIN takes challenges of adapting these technologies, practices, and delivery mechanisms to different conditions, and develop methodologies and capacities for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of scaling up OFSP investments efforts. Addressing these challenges translates to 1.2 million household experiencing nutritional benefits. This brief give an overview of SUSTAIN, operation areas and trends, and concludes with outlining major achievements such as establishment of OFSP multiplication capacity, reviewed nutritional material and training of nutritional partners, and identification of quality food processors.


Heck, S., Muoki, P., Remington, T., Brouwer, R. and Sindi, K. 2014. Scaling Up Sweetpotato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN). International Potato Center (CIP).