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SPHI Brief 2014: SUSTAIN Malawi: Scaling Sweetpotato in the Malawian Context

Malawi sweetpotato farmers face underappreciation of their products leading lack of utilization in sustainable food security. Further, though high yielding high Vitamin A varieties exist, farmers do not yet have access to them. This results in missed opportunities for learning and scaling. This brief, highlights the role of Scaling up sweetpotato through agriculture and nutrition (SUSTAIN) to agricultural production, market and nutritional impact, through vine marketing and production, nutritional education and counselling and commercial processing and fresh roots markets. In conclusion, SUSTAIN achieved implementation of new varieties, universal industries to test new commercial OFSP products and lastly construction of a gravity irrigation system for commercial vine multiplier.


Remington, T. 2014. SUSTAIN Malawi: Scaling Sweetpotato in the Malawian Context. International Potato center (CIP).