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SASHA Brief 2014: Unsweetpotato–Breeding staple-type sweetpotato for West Africa and beyond

Sweetpotato as its name suggest is sweet. The sweetness holds back its potential to play major role as starchy staple in diets. In West Africa, the need for Unsweetpotato integration into value chains is urgent. Additionally, characteristics such as storability, poundability are likely co-traits for these Unsweetpotato varieties. This brief reports of Unsweetpotato applied, collaborative breeding program and support platform for West Africa as established in Ghana at the CSIR-Crops Research Institute in 2010.  The major outcomes included creation of consumer demand for staple-type (low sugar) or Unsweetpotato and developing laboratory methods to assist with selection and their subsequent use in a new Quality Laboratory. Seed populations were made available for distribution to regional partners.


Carey, T. and Adofo, K. 2014. Unsweetpotato–Breeding staple-type sweetpotato for West Africa and beyond. International Potato Center (CIP).