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Operational Planning Workshop, Abuja, Nigeria

The objectives of the Workshop were viewed through plenary discussions, presentation of group work, brainstorming and breakout sessions. Participants were presented with the revised goal and were required to adopt the modified objectives from the previous Situational Analysis workshop held in June 2012. They were divided into 3 groups each assigned to consider the strategy modifications and to deal with the areas in the 3 objectives to be modified. Each State representative spelt out their workshop expectations. The workshop objectives were also enumerated to include presenting the draft OFSP advocacy strategy to advocates and stakeholders. Gather feedback, clarifications and inputs from advocates on the OFSP advocacy strategy. Reach agreement on the OFSP advocacy strategy and clarify the role of advocates and stakeholders in the operationalization of the OFSP advocacy strategy The Participants were also re-acquainted with the Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project which focuses on Advocacy, Capacity Building, OFSP and the objectives in partnership with CIP and HKI.

Authors: Helen Keller International, Helen Keller International

Contributors: Mulongo, Mulongo

Pages: 17

Publication Date: 2013