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Advocacy Strategy for Scaling Up Biofortified Crops for Nutrition Security in Tanzania 2016-2018

As part of BNFB’s implementation, a situation analysis was conducted to establish the baseline status of the key thematic components of the project. It also identified (1) the key actors, (2) the needs of the communities, (3) the bottlenecks to be addressed in order to unlock the value chains of the biofortified crops in the country and prioritize interventions that needed to be implemented, (4) the main policies, strategies and plans in place that favored biofortification, and (5) areas for policy engagement. This advocacy strategy for scaling up of biofortification for nutrition security in Tanzania is informed by the outcomes and recommendations of the situation analysis. It identifies the key mechanisms, institutions and partnerships that are necessary to scale up biofortification in the country.

Authors: Building Nutritious Food Baskets

Contributors: Joyce Maru

Pages: 20

Publication Date: December 06, 2017

Keywords: BNFB