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AFLP Assessment of Sweetpotato Genetic Diversity in Four Tropical American Regions

This survey is part of CIP’s molecular assessment of genetic diversity in the sweetpotato collection. The information obtained is meant to enhance understanding of the genetic structure in the American sweetpotato gene pool and help to rationalize its management.

Authors: Dapeng Zhang, Zosimo Huaman, J.C. Cervantes, Edward Carey, Marc Ghislain, Dapeng Zhang , Zosimo Huaman, J.C. Cervantes, Edward Carey, Marc Ghislain

Contributors: Karen Ayabei, Karen Ayabei

Subjects: Genetic diversity of sweetpotato

Pages: 8

Publisher: International Potato Center (CIP)

Publication Date: 1998

Keywords: Gene bank, Genetic diversity of sweetpotato, Germplasm management


Zhang, D.P., Ghislain, M., Huamán, Z., Cervantes, J. and Carey, E., 1997. AFLP assessment of sweetpotato genetic diversity in four tropical american regions. CIP program Report, 1998, pp.303-310.