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Annex 10: Relating the Impact on Scaling Out Sweetpotato Production Under Smallholder Farmers in Bembeke and Kanyama EPAS

The research study was done in Bembeke and Kanyama EPAs in Dedza District. The objective of the study was to scale out impact of sweet potato production in Dedza District. Results showed that in Bembeke and Kanyama EPAs, 4855 farmers grew OFSP Zondeni variety with support from the International Potato Centre and Concern Universal. 9307 farmers grew other Orange Flesh Sweet Potato (OFSP) like Kajoni and Kamchiputu and 12275 grew other sweet potato varieties. For other OFSP it was own seed. 40 lactating mothers and 36 pregnant women bought vines using vouchers which were going at KM155.00 per 4kilogrammes. A total of KM137562.50 was realized by three farmers who were participating as Decentralized Vine Multipliers from Concern Universal. The vines were grown on 0.5 hectares.


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Publication Date: July 30, 2011