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Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Project Report – March to September 2011

CADECOM-Chikwawa with funding from the International Potato Centre (CIP) is implementing Orange Flesh Sweet potato Project (OFSP) in three Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) – Mitole in Traditional Authorities Mlilima, Katunga, Kasisi and Maseya; Mbewe in Traditional Authorities Chapananga, Lundu and Ndakwera and Livunzu in Traditional Authority Makhuwira EPAs. The OFSP is in its second year of implementation and it is undertaken in collaboration with Chikwawa District Agriculture Development Office and Bvumbwe Agriculture Research Station. The project goal is To improve vitamin A and energy intake for 2027 vulnerable households in 3 EPAs of Chikwawa district with emphasis on pregnant women and young children using orange-fleshed sweet potato. Its specific objectives are; To establish Decentralized Vine Producers in all sweet potato producing areas in Chikwawa district; and To evaluate which OFSP varieties perform and taste best to local producers and consumers in Chikwawa Main activities during this period were community mobilization to create awareness on Zondeni sweet potato variety so that more people plant it; annual review and planning meeting, distribution of sweetpotato vines using voucher system and follow up visits to sweet potato fields after vine distribution. The communities in the impact areas rely much on cereal crops such as maize, millet, rice, and sorghum. Production of such crops is mostly through summer cropping. Sweetpotatoes, vegetables, maize are also grown through winter cultivation taking advantage of residual moisture after the rains. Other households are also able to produce sweetpotatoes and other crops using treadle pumps and other forms of irrigation.

Authors: Chikwawa CADECOM, Chikwawa CADECOM

Contributors: Administrator, Administrator

Pages: 21

Publication Date: September2011