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Archaeological remains of potato and sweetpotato in Peru

This publication presents the discovery of archaeological remains of potato and sweetpotato in Peru. This discovery of actual tubers and roots of potato and sweetpotato originate as result of present day knowledge of the ancient distribution of these crops and their use as primary food sources by Peru’s coastal inhabitants. Briefly, details on climatic and geological setting, the pre-agricultural age and era of incipient agriculture, and archaeological plant remains and sites are documented. Opportunities for future research such as crop management are highlighted.

Authors: Donald Ugent, Linda W. Peterson, Donald Ugent, Linda W. Peterson

Contributors: Karen Ayabei, Karen Ayabei

Subjects: Sweetpotato origin and distribution

Pages: 10

Publisher: International Potato Center

Publication Date: 1988

Keywords: Archaeology, Peru


Ugent, D. and Peterson, L.W. 1989. Archaeological remains of potato and sweetpotato in Peru. International Potato Center (CIP).