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BNFB Advocacy strategy for scaling up biofortified crops for nutrition security in Tanzania, 2016–2020

Although biofortification is yet to be fully scaled up in any country (Bouis, Low, McEwan & Tanumihardjo, 2013), Tanzania has made some initial progress. It was among the five countries that implemented the Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project from 2011 to 2015. That project focused on advocacy for increased investment in OFSP to combat vitamin A deficiency among young children and women of reproductive age and also built institutional capacities to design and implement gender-sensitive projects to ensure wide access and utilization of OFSP. Through the RAC project, 17 national advocates were trained to engage in building awareness and advocacy for investment in OFSP. RAC raised about USD 4 million for OFSP projects and programs, 3.2% of which came from local government authorities (LGAs). This advocacy strategy for scaling up of biofortification for nutrition security in Tanzania is informed by the outcomes and recommendations of the situation analysis. It identifies the key mechanisms, institutions and partnerships that are necessary to scale up biofortification in the country. The strategy presents broad and specific strategies to scale-up biofortification by 2020. The latter are priority areas and practical for delivery by the BNFB project. The broad strategies are critically important but require extra resources, partnerships and time that may not be immediately available for BNFB project.

Authors: Richard Kasuga, Rubyogo Claude, James Gethi, Kiddo Mtunda

Contributors: Joyce Maru, Joyce Maru

Pages: 25

Publication Date: February 12, 2018