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BNFB Nigeria Advocacy Strategy

This strategy aims to influence the adoption of food-based approaches to address micronutrient deficiency in Nigeria through advocating for increased investments in biofortification and enhancement of institutional and community capacities to produce and consume biofortified crops. It focuses on six broad aims:  Increase awareness on the existence and nutritional and economic benefits of biofortified crops among the public;  Address the social and economic constraints preventing disadvantaged groups from accessing and benefiting from biofortification;  Promote investments in biofortified crops to address micronutrient deficiencies in Nigeria, especially vitamin A deficiency;  Promote the prioritization of biofortification in national nutrition policies in Nigeria;  Build the capacity of farmers on the best agronomic practices for biofortified crops and that of processors on processing and product development;  Promote linkages and coordination among value chain actors of biofortification in Nigeria

Authors: Building Nutritious Food Baskets

Contributors: Joyce Maru

Pages: 8

Publication Date: December 06, 2017

Keywords: BNFB