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Building Nutritious Food Basket: Regional Advocacy Strategy, 2017 and beyond

BNFB’s regional advocacy strategy aims to use available evidence to influence Africa-wide, regional and subregional decision-makers, planners and donors to adopt and invest in biofortified crops as part of a comprehensive package of strategies to address the main micronutrient deficiencies in the continent. A regional advocacy strategy needs to capitalize on the strengths existing at the regional and subregional levels. The strategy needs to adopt a holistic approach in its efforts to promote investments in biofortification and, in particular, in vitamin A cassava, maize and OFSP, and high iron beans. It should closely align itself with the ongoing initiatives for improving food and nutrition security in Africa and the prevailing policy environment as enunciated by key regional bodies such as the African Union (AU) and its implementing agency, the New Economic Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). Furthermore, weaknesses should be identified and considered, and approaches devised to minimize them. The threats to the scaling up of biofortification should also be factored into the regional advocacy strategy. The strategy focuses on three broad objectives:  Influence regional and subregional organizations to incorporate biofortification into policies and strategies to address micronutrient deficiencies;  Promote investments in biofortified crops to address micronutrient (especially vitamin A and iron) deficiencies in SSA through regional and subregional organizations, donors, NGOs and the private sector;  Create demand for comprehensive solutions to the micronutrient problem.