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Building nutritious Food Baskets: Review and Closeout Meeting Report

The BNFB final review and project close-out meeting was held between 14th – 16th August 2018, in Abuja, Nigeria (see Appendix 1 for the agenda). The objectives of the meeting were to; (a) review accomplishments over the three years; (b) discuss and document lessons learned and (c) consider strategies for sustainability of the initiated actions and achievements. The expected outputs of the meeting were as follows:

1. BNFB achievements (2015-August 2018) at country and regional levels documented;

2. Key findings including lessons learned over the 3 years documented;

3. Agreement on key priorities to be undertaken before closeout (in relation to expected outputs, outcomes, impact and reporting);

4. Foundations for ownership and sustainability of BNFB activities made and the way forward documented.