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Report: Capacity Development for Geita Farmers on Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Processing and Handling

This file is about training that was conducted in Geita, at Nungwe village. The training was done for three days in Nungwe primary school from 3rd to 5th May 2017. A total of 30 participants attended the training. 23 were women and 7 were men. The participants came from Saragulwa, Nungwe, C higunga and Kabogozo villages.

Those participants were: Ward extension officer, ward chancellor, farmers, primary school teachers, ‘wajasiriamali’ those who are engaged in small business in the village. Two facilitators were from Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute. BNFB was represented by CIP Regional Research Associate based in Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute.

The training was coordinated and supported by RAC 2 project called Building Nutritious Food Baskets (BNFB). BNFB project explores a scaling-up model through a multi-crop (food basket) approach to address hidden hunger by catalyzing sustainable investments for the production and utilization of biofortified crops that are ready for scaling up in Tanzania, viz.: OFSP; vitamin A (orange) maize and high iron/zinc beans. The project is continuing with the capacity development efforts of Reaching Agents of Change project (RAC) using a cascading model to reach the users on the ground. The main focus of the training was on the processing and handling of Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP). The training covered the theory part on the first day, on sweetpotato handling and processing which include good packaging and preparation of different OFSP products. The participants were also briefed about good agriculture practices (GAP) of OFSP production along its value chain. They were also briefed about the challenges of seetpotato production, and how to overcome them. The second and third days were the practical part on preparation of different OFSP products. All the participants had future plans to grow orange-fleshed sweetpotato, to teach neighbours and friends the same knowledge from this training and to start a small business for income generation. Generally, the training was well organized with good participation in simple Swahili language.