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ClonDiag microarray an efficient tool for parallel detection of sweetpotato viruses

Viruses are a major constraint to sweetpotato production, with more than 20 viruses reported. Viral diseases are economically important and impact on research and movement of germplasm across regions. Low virus titers, uneven virus distribution within the plant, presence of inhibitors, the occurrence of mixed infections, diverse viral strains; make diagnosis of sweetpotato viruses difficult. Current Nitrocellulose membrane ELISA diagnostic tests are not sensitive enough to reliably detect viruses directly from sweetpotato. On the other hand, available molecular tests require expensive laboratory equipment to perform and a high level of experience

Authors: Bramwel Wanjala and Jan Kreuze

Contributors: Bramwel Wanjala, Jan Kreuze and Fuentes Segundo

Subjects: Diagnostics, Viruses, ClonDiag

Pages: 3

Publication Date: February 01, 2018